2020 June

Statement from Post Art Library Board of Directors on Racism, Diversity, and Inclusion

We at Post Art Library acknowledge that structural bias is entrenched in our society; we add our organizational voice to the growing number of voices condemning racism and racial violence toward Black people and all People of Color. 

As an organization that provides information for and is comprised of information about our community, we are committed to diversify our collections by developing inclusive partnerships, programs, and exhibits as we continue to provide equitable public access to arts-related library materials and services. Examples of how we will uphold our commitment include, but are not limited to:

  • Strengthening established partnerships and developing new ones with African American and other minority-led community organizations;
  • Participating in diversity-related community events;
  • Advocating for better representation of African Americans and other minorities in recorded history and historic preservation;
  • Developing more diverse and inclusive presentations about the history of our community;
  • Expanding our local Black History files, as well as those of other minorities, through crowd-sourcing materials, recording oral histories, and conducting further research;
  • Seeking exhibits and/or displays that reflect the artwork and/or experiences of all People of Color and other marginalized groups.

Although our acknowledgements and commitments do not resolve centuries-long racial injustices, they do hold us accountable for the role our organization can play in advocating for racial equality and working toward a world in which racism and racial violence become obsolete and statements such as this are not necessary. We have much work to do—let’s go!  

Post Art Library is a privately funded 501c3 not-for-profit located in Joplin, MO. This statement was made at the discretion of the Post Art Library Board of Directors on June 19, 2020.