Exhibition & Display Policy

Exhibition & Display Policy

Post Art Library (PAL) presents art exhibitions and displays collections inside Joplin Public Library for the benefit of the community. The purpose of exhibitions and displays in the library is to provide public access to art, culture, and ideas, while providing flexible spaces for emerging and established artists, collectors, and organizations to showcase their work and/or collections. All galleries and display areas are open during the library’s regular hours. Admission is free.

Anyone is welcome to apply to exhibit artwork or display collections in the library. Applications for exhibiting artwork or displaying collections are reviewed on a first come, first serve basis. The library shall have final decision on the content and arrangement of all exhibitions and displays. The library reserves the right to reject any exhibition or display, in whole or in part, which it deems at its sole discretion to be unsuitable based upon local community and library standards.

The areas available to the public for exhibitions and displays are 1) The Bramlage and Willcoxon Foundation Gallery; 2) the secure display cases that flank the entrance to the Local History, Genealogy, and Post Reading Room; 3) the Wall Gallery (above the locking book cases in the Local History Room); and 4) other areas of the library, as deemed acceptable by the Post Art Library Director and the Joplin Public Library Director.

How do I apply?

The artist, collector, or organization is responsible for completing the appropriate online form, either EXHIBIT YOUR WORK or DISPLAY YOUR COLLECTION, which are located on Post Art Library’s website. Paper versions of both forms are available upon request.

Who decides what’s shown?

Once submitted, the EXHIBIT YOUR WORK form will be initially reviewed by the Post Art Library Director, who may then forward images of the artwork to the remaining four PAL Exhibitions Committee members for blind-review. The committee is comprised of two members of the Post Foundation Board of Directors, the Post Art Library Director, and two representatives from the Joplin Arts community. Each committee member will vote for or against potential exhibitions; the majority rules. The committee reviews applications on an ongoing basis. The Post Art Library Director will contact applicants on behalf of the PAL Exhibitions Committee once a decision has been made.

Once submitted, the DISPLAY YOUR COLLECTION form will be reviewed by the Post Art Library Director, who has sole discretion as to whether the collection is displayed, based upon local community and library standards. The Post Art Library Director will contact applicants within two weeks from the date the form was submitted.

How long will my art be exhibited or my collection be displayed?

Exhibits and displays will be scheduled for a period of time as determined by the library and the applicant, generally not less than 6 weeks and not to exceed 3 months. If the artist, collector, or organization does not provide the materials by the assigned period, the exhibition or display may be cancelled by the library.

What if I need to cancel my exhibition or display?

If the artist, collector, or organization must cancel and exhibition or display, it is expected that the library be contacted as soon as possible. If an artist, collector, or organization is a “no show,” then the library reserves the right to refuse future exhibition and display space to the “no show” party.

Will the library store my artwork or collection?

Due to space limitations, the library cannot provide storage for the property of artists, collectors, individuals, groups, or organizations exhibiting or displaying in the library.

Can I sell items from my exhibition or display?

The library does not facilitate the sale of goods or services associated with exhibitions and displays. Exhibitions and displays are for show only and the library does not post prices for artwork or other objects that may be for sale. All inquiries will be referred to the exhibiting artist, collector, individual, group, or organization.

Will the library insure my artwork or collection during the exhibition or display?

Although the library will make reasonable efforts to safeguard your property, the library is under no obligation to insure your property. Thus, the library will NOT insure your property while it’s in the library’s possession. Neither Post Art Library nor Joplin Public Library shall be held responsible for and is expressly relieved from any and all liability.

NOTE: Applicants scheduled to exhibit or display in the library must sign the “Agreement to Exhibit or Display” and the “Hold Harmless” forms. 

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