Coloring JOMO

Coloring JOMO

Welcome to Coloring JOMO: Women Who Made Their Mark, the first edition of what we and our partners hope becomes a FREE coloring book series about Joplin, Missouri.

This premiere edition is the result of a collaboration between Post Art Library (Hey, that’s us!), Historic Murphysburg Preservation, Inc., and Visit Joplin. The illustrations are by artist Martha Goldman.

Celebrating some of the women who have called Joplin home, Women Who Made Their Mark features activists, artists, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and pioneers who made significant contributions to our community and beyond:

  • Henrietta Cosgrove
  • Emily Newell Blair
  • Melissa Fuell Cuther
  • Ferne Wilder
  • Dorothea B. Hoover
  • Elizabeth C. Post
  • Pauline Starke
  • Lena Beal
  • Olivia Bendelari
  • Evelyn Milligan Jones
  • Mary Curtis Warten
  • Ernestine Carr

Although this book highlights only a dozen of the many exceptional women from Joplin history, we hope it encourages exploration of the impact women have had in our community.

As aforementioned, this is a FREE resource. Our plan to distribute it to all 3rd graders in Joplin Schools and to have it available at various places throughout our community have been postponed because of the COVID-19 closures. For now, it will be available as a FREE download through this site. As places reopen, it will become available – both in print and digitally – in other locations as well.

To help fund further editions of Coloring JOMO, donations may be made through our DONATE page or sent by mail to: Coloring JOMO, c/o Post Art Library, 1901 E. 20th St., Joplin, MO, 64804.