Happy National Arts & Humanities Month!

Happy National Arts & Humanities Month!

October greets us with National Arts & Humanities Month (NAHM)–a coast-to-coast collective celebration of American arts and culture. Established in 1993, NAHM has four goals, to:

  • create a national, state and local focus on the arts and humanities through the media;
  • encourage the active participation of individuals, as well as arts, humanities and other interested organizations nationwide;
  • provide an opportunity for federal, state and local business, government and civic leaders to declare their support for the arts and humanities; and
  • establish a highly visible vehicle for raising public awareness about the arts and humanities.

On October 2, 2014, Mayor of Joplin, Mike Seibert, kicked-off Joplin’s NAHM celebration with an official proclamation. The celebration continues, as opportunities abound to participate in Joplin Arts & Culture: http://connect2culture.com/national-arts-humanities-month-2014/ (Many thanks to Emily at Connect2Culture for the [ongoing] events calendar!). Other than attending official events and exhibitions, one might celebrate by

  • taking a stroll through an historic neighborhood to wonder at the beautiful architecture;
  • learning a new art, craft or technique;
  • reading poetry or other such literature aloud;
  • visiting a local venue to take in music by local musicians;
  • discovering new artists and writers, particularly in one’s own community;
  • exploring local arts and cultural based galleries, libraries, museums, studios and theaters;
  • driving about town to view Joplin’s Public Art;
  • becoming an advocate for arts and humanities;
  • and so much more…

So, let us celebrate: Happy National Arts & Humanities Month, Joplin, Missouri!

(Sources: http://www.americansforthearts.org/events/national-arts-and-humanities-month; http://www.nasaa-arts.org/Advocacy/National-Arts-and-Humanities-Month.php & http://connect2culture.com/national-arts-humanities-month-2014/.)